Voting For Our Dinosaur Name

11th January 2016

One Monday morning reception came into their classroom to find a large mysterious egg. We tried guessing what was inside and how long it would take to hatch, it took 6 days. 

We were shocked to see that inside the egg, was a baby dinosaur. We decided he needed a name, so had a class discussion and came up with a lot of great ideas, but couldn't decide which one would be best for our new friend.

So, we held a vote! First, we watched a video on how and why people vote. We created our on voting station and we each ticked our choice for the name we wanted and placed it into a box. We then made stickers saying "I voted" so everyone knew.

Our teacher counted all of our votes and in both classes the winning suggestion was Spike. It clearly is the perfect name for our wonderful new class mate.

Everyday, Spike is lucky enough to be venturing home with someone in each class who displays our St Nicolas value of love and friendship.