Part of the Reception 'Out of the Egg' topic inclues hatching and caring for chicks.

Chicks Update
The chicks have been hatched for a few days now.

The Chicks Hatch

Nearly Here!
The eggs are not far off hatching!

Comic Life on an iPad
This is a tutorial video to help get you started with the Comic Life app on the iPad.

Jack's Film
This was a piece of homework completed as part of the 'Life, The  Universe & Everything' topic.

Timmy's Animation
This was the winning entry in our 'London 2012' competition.

Remembrance Day
This video is the culmination of a project where children found about members of their family who were affected by war.

Doodlebug by Jack
This video was produced by Jack (Year 6) as a home learning task as part of the 'We Survived the Blitz' topic.