Snow & School Closures

In The Event of Snow

1. Keep an eye on our school home page for the latest information. Remember to hit the 'refresh' or 'reload' button every time.

2. You will get text messages as usual.


Be Prepared

Bring extra winter clothing (hat, scarf and gloves) and a change of shoes

Text Message & What It Means

Your text message will; say 'We are open', 'We are closed', or 'We are partially open.' The following explains what these mean.

‘We are open’ means business as usual. Wrap up warm and take care.

‘We are closed’ is self explanatory. The weather forecast is for worse or we have problems getting enough staff in etc. Check back here later for some suggested home learning tasks should you want them.

‘We are partially open’ means we have some problems but we are going to be open. Please read what follows carefully.

If we are ‘Partially Open’ please be aware that this means that we will be short staffed for some or all of the day. Our contingency plans are as follows:

1. No children to arrive before 8.45am then straight into the hall.

2. We'll start with assembly and registers in the hall then send groups of children back to class as staff arrive.

3. Send children in with warm clothes and a change of clothes, especially shoes. We are suspending the uniform code so you will only need the top half of uniform (sweatshirt / fleece etc) you can wear warm trousers instead of uniform trousers. 

4. Please do not take risks getting in - no driving if the roads are unsafe etc. I am hoping we won't have a full school anyway because we will struggle to staff a full school. Be warned - the pavements around the school may be treacherous and once people start arriving here in school our paths will get very slippery.

5. Teachers: Your child may well be being taught by someone different and in a mixed class. 

6. Playtimes: We will go on to the field because there is less danger of slipping.

7. Car Park: There will be no cars allowed in the car park after 8.45am to prevent the surface becoming icy which could cause staff to be trapped in school!

8. Please don’t contact the school if you cannot make it in. No one will receive an unauthorised absence or late mark if we are partially open. We know that there will be many who will not make it or will be held up. That is fine.

9. If the weather worsens during the day we will send out another text message closing the school and ask that you come and collect your child as soon as possible. If you are asking a friend or neighbour to collect your child, please let us know as we cannot release your child to someone else without your permission.


Why Might We Be Closed?

We are very fortunate. It is unlikely we will need to close for ‘Health & Safety’ reasons because we have a field to allow the children on at playtimes. However if public transport is not running we cannot get enough staff in to look after the children safely and teach them effectively. Because we know that a school closure means some of you missing a days work we will do our best to open or partially open.

Useful Links

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