Rules & Values

The school has just one rule. 'Treat others in the way you would like them to treat you.' 

The School Values

We asked ourselves the question 'What would we like a 30 year old to be like partly because they came to St Nicolas School?' We then asked what values we should teach and nurture to help our children grow into that 30 year old. 

After discussing these questions with parents, staff, Governors and the children themselves, we settled on the six values of Love & Friendship, Servant Leadership, Curiosity, Respect, Perseverance and Courage. These values underpin everything we do. They infuse our curriculum, are used to help foster high standards of behaviour and are used as themes for assemblies.

A History of St Nicolas School

Local historian Judy Middleton published a book about the history of our school back in 1990. Though it is no longer in print an updated version has been published online. You can read it here.

Her history of St Nicolas Church can be read here.