Our growing school


In September 2013 we ceased to be St Nicolas Junior School and became St Nicolas Primary School. When we were planning the transition our aim was to take the best aspects of separate infant and junior schools but with the benefits of a consistent ethos and educational approach for the whole of the primary phase.

We have planned the buildings so that the infant and junior sections are on different levels and with separate playground space but with shared assembly time and lots of opportunities to work and learn together. Year 1 children are able to choose which playground they use and there will be times for all of the children to mix on the field.

Brighton & Hove schools are recognised as having some of the very best early years and Key Stage 1 provision in the country. We were given full access to their expertise as we embarked on this new adventure! We have learned from the best and aim to provide an excellent start to your child’s education.

So far the feedback from the families who started with us has been very positive!

In expanding the school we learned a great deal from researching what the best schools do and we will continue to look outward and learn from others as well as developing our own practice.

We now regularly receive visitors who wish to learn about how our infant section works as well as how we are teaching writing using the ‘Talk for Writing’ approaches through out the school.