Key Worker Information

23rd March 2020

Dear Key Worker Parents,

We've been working very hard today trying to work out how to run things in order to reduce, as much as possible, the risk of the virus getting in to school in the first place and it being passed on if it does. The truth is, it is impossible for us to maintain social distancing in a school setting but we are trying to limit it as much as we can.

The most useful thing that is happening is that people are finding alternatives if they can. So far we have 98 children who qualify as children of key workers plus children of staff who are working in school on any given day. Fortunately those of you who can have made alternative arrangements. Our busiest day was Thursday with 55 but that may have dropped a little now.

I am going to send a long e-mail in a short while which explains why we are asking that you only use us if you really need us but that we are here if you do.

What to do in the Morning

  1. The gates to Highland Road and the playground will be locked.
  2. The barrier in the car park will be up so, provided you are careful and there is space, you can drive in to drop off or, even better, park near by and walk the last bit.
  3. You come to the lower playground (Reception playground) and wait until it it is time to come in.


If you have asked for Breakfast club, the gate will open at 7:45am.

The rest of you shouldn't arrive until 8:30am and the doors to school will open at 8:45am. There are no lates! Arrive when you arrive.



  • No parents will be allowed into the building. If you need to speak to us, a member of staff will come outside.
  • All of the children will come in through the far doors to the new building. You'll know which because a member of staff will be there.
  • The children will come straight in and wash their hands before handing up their coat and bag if the have one.



The children don't need to bring anything with them. We won't allow pencil cases. We'll provide each child with their own pen, pencil etc.

Don't send in the work packs. We've everything they need here.



Children are wearing uniform but can wear top half only. Jeans and trainers are fine, especially as they will be doing some outdoor learning.



We can provide lunch to everyone and it is being provided free of charge at the moment. We are having the reduced 'two option' menu with baked potato as the second option each day. Option 1 will be whichever of the other two options is usually most popular. Of course, you can send in a packed lunch if you prefer. We'll try to get the menu out in the next few days.


All the best,


Mr Richbell