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Where to find things on our website:
Lots of the documents are stored in a DropBox folder called 'Useful Documents' with a link to the folder in various places on the website, including on the home page. This allows us to have one copy of the document but to link to it from multiple places. Parents do not need to have DropBox to access the documents.
Admissions Arrangements - About Us - Admissions
Ofsted Reports - Useful Documents - Inspection Reports Also, a link to our page on the Ofsted website in the prospectus section.
KS2 Results
We decided to just have the link to the performance tables so the data is always up to date. It can be found in the 'For more information...' page. Performance Tables
Now that we are also required to publish our KS2 results direct on the school website, we have added a 'results' page to the 'About us' section.
Curriculum - In 'Useful Documents' in the 'Curriculum' folder. The philosophy is outlined in the prospectus and it is all signposted to parents on the 'Curriculum' page of this website.
Reading & Phonics Scheme in KS1.
Finding out more about the curriculum - on our curriculum page.
Behaviour Policy
Behaviour Principles: These are contained in the Behaviour Policy which is in the 'Useful Documents' section.
School complaints procedure: We call this the 'Raising Concerns and Making Complaints' Policy. It is in the 'Useful Documents' section.
Pupil Premium
PE & Sport Premium for Primary Schools: Useful Documents - Sport Funding
Special Educational Needs Report & Policy: Useful Documents - Special Educational Needs
Governor Information including attendance registers.
Charging & Remissions Policy: in 'Useful Documents'.
Values & Ethos: In the 'About Us section of the website - 'Vision, Mission & Values'
Requests for copies: There is a statement on the 'Contact The School' page.
Other Useful Sections Of The Website:
Safeguarding: Families page | Staff Page