Information for inspectors and consultants

Ofsted Teams
SIAMS Inspection
Website Compliance
Where to find things on our website:
Admissions Arrangements - About Us - Admissions
Ofsted Reports - Useful Documents - Inspection Reports Also, a link to our page on the Ofsted website in the prospectus section.
KS2 Results
Curriculum - In 'Useful Documents' in the 'Curriculum' folder. The philosophy is outlined in the prospectus and it is all signposted to parents on the 'Curriculum' page of this website.
Reading & Phonics Scheme in KS1.
Finding out more about the curriculum - on our curriculum page.
Behaviour Policy
Behaviour Principles: These are contained in the Behaviour Policy which is in the 'Useful Documents' section.
School complaints procedure: We call this the 'Raising Concerns and Making Complaints' Policy. It is in the 'Useful Documents' section.
Pupil Premium
PE & Sport Premium for Primary Schools: Useful Documents - Sport Funding
Special Educational Needs Report & Policy: Useful Documents - Special Educational Needs
Governor Information including attendance registers.
Charging & Remissions Policy: 'Home Page', 'About Us' and 'Parent Zone', there is a link called 'Useful Documents'which takes you to a DropBox page with all of these documents included. You do not need a DropBox account to access them.
Values & Ethos: In the 'About Us section of the website - 'Vision, Mission & Values'
Requests for copies: There is a statement on the 'Contact The School' page.