Friends forever

Our children love being with their friends especially at  playtimes! Time for friends and to relax is vital if they are going to be able to focus and be effective in their lesson time. We have members of staff whose sole responsibility is to organise play and sport activities at break and lunchtime as well as keen pupil volunteers who run activities such as scooter club. 

All friends fall out from time to time so we actively teach ‘peaceful problem solving’ strategies and employ restorative approaches when children fall out. Staff are continuing to develop an approach to group work and relationship building called ‘Working with Others’ which develops cooperative learning strategies as well as the methods and language required to get on with others.

People who visit the school notice this. The excellent attitudes and learning behaviours of the children are regularly commented on. Visitors are often surprised by the  quality of the questions that children ask which demonstrate their interest and curiosity. They also comment on the level of respect that our children show during services and when we visit the War Memorial every Armistice Day.

These personal qualities make St Nicolas a happy place for the children now but will also stand them in very good stead when they grow up. 

We hope that friends made at St Nics will become friends for life!