France Trip 2016

25th May 2016

In May, 37 children from Year 6 ventured to France.

During our stay we went to a Boulangerie, WWI museum, Lochnagar Crater, swimming pool, theme park and a market.

At the Boulangerie we met a man with a scary stick and if we got a question wrong the man would whack the stick on the table. 

The next day we went to Bagatelle Theme Park.  This was my favourite day and we went on rides again and again. We learnt that the word for again in French is ‘encore’. 

The day after that we returned back to England but before that we went to a market in Le Touquet. 

For two days, me and Toby tried to be colour co-ordinated. I loved my experience in France – it was worth every penny!

Ted 6JD