European Dance Championships

25th May 2016

On Thursday 12th May, I woke up a 3 in the morning to go to the airport to attend the 2016 European Dance Championships in Germany. The world’s biggest and hardest competition.

At 11 o’clock (German Time) we arrived in Kalkar at a theme park called Wunderland set in a dis-used nuclear plant. This is where the competition would take place.

On Friday we prepared for the first round of the competition, my crew (Stereoshok) battled and got through to the finals which were to be held on Sunday.

Sunday came and my crew practiced hard all morning, drilling the routine. By the early afternoon it was our time to dance again and see if we were placed.

After hours of waiting, we finally heard the results, six place was called, then fifth and so on until the second place got called. Nervously waiting - it wasn’t us! Huddled in our crew we screamed and jumped up in excitement. We won!!

We were the crowned the under 14 Advanced European champions, winning 500 Euros. 

Our video has now gone viral and has over 3000 hits. You can watch it at

A very fun and successful weekend.

By Ryan
Year 5