End of Term Newsletter

1st March 2016

Spring Term Newsletter

When I sat down to write this newsletter I looked back at the previous one to see what I had included and was slightly shocked to find it was when we broke up for Christmas! Although this has been the shortest term I can ever remember a great deal has happened so we have a lot to tell you about!

Sports Report

It has been a successful term for our sports teams. The netball team ended the season as runners up in the league and, yesterday, won the Hove & Portslade Tournament. In the whole season they have lost just one match narrowly to the eventual league winners, Cottesmore St Mary’s School.

The football team have one match left to play and are undefeated so far. Every one of the 34 boys who have been coming to training have played in at least one match for either the first or second team. The league is going to be very close because Hove Juniors have also been doing very well but we are in with a chance of winning! Mr Hayter has been particularly complimentary about the excellent sporting attitude and team spirit shown by the squad.

The school has also competed at an indoor athletics competition and a hockey tournament.

Let’s Dance

On Thursday 17th March the annual ‘Let’s Dance’ festival was held. It is a wonderful event started, many years ago, by Ms. Oliver from Brackenbury School. A huge group of children from Years 3, 4, 5 and 6 have been rehearsing after at an after school club. The dance was choreographed by Mrs Townsend and Ms. Dennis to the Queen track ‘Under Pressure’.  I was told that it was ‘a manic time’ in the changing rooms getting everyone ready but everyone was really supportive of each other and the actual performance was the best they have ever done it - brilliant! On the way off the stage lots of the children said ‘Can we do that again?’ and the parents who spoke to me said the children were fabulous!

O2 Trip to sing at the Young Voices Concert

On Wednesday 28th January, the school choir were off on their trip to the O2. We started our journey at 11 o’clock on a grand coach to London. All of us were very excited and extremely nervous!

When we got there, we met our conductor [Dave] and over 7,000 other children. We had to have a rehearsal which lasted pretty much all afternoon. It was extremely fun but very tiring. We got introduced to the 2015 Beat Box winners and to Tom Billington who sang and bounced around the stage. We also saw Laura Wright who sang. She loved rugby and also played it herself. She taught us how to do some body percussion for the song we were singing that was also shown at the Rugby World Cup.

After the practise we went outside the auditorium and some of us bought food and drinks from the various places. The chips were delicious but very expensive!

When the loudspeaker told us to go back inside we were all over excited and super nervous. We sat down and tried to look for our parents but it was pretty much impossible. In the end we phoned one of them and we all held up our banner and shouted a chant at the same time as our parents did so we knew where they were.

When the concert started it was so exciting and we couldn’t wait to start singing and dancing. We were all singing madly and waving our torches for the whole evening.

After the concert ended we eventually walked out of the O2 through loads of people and finally got back to our coach. We were all exhausted but it had been a great day. Most of us fell asleep on the coach! We got back to school at 11.35pm and were glad to be back home again.


“It was the best experience I’ve ever had in my life!” Millie 5CM

Article by Sophia, Mya and Elsa 5SP

Abba Reunion at the Theatre Royal

The choir also had the opportunity to sing at the Theatre Royal in Brighton as backing singer for the ABBA Tribute band ‘Abba Reunion’. What an experience!

Church Schools Inspection

We are not allowed to tell you what grade we got or any of the specific feedback until at least a week after we return from the Easter holiday when the report is due to be published. However, I wanted to let you know that we felt the inspection was fair and positive and the inspector spent very little time in the office and almost all of her time out and about around the school and talking to people. I look forward to telling you more as soon as possible!

As ever, the children were brilliant and we were very proud of them.

Science Week

As science is my favourite subject I have particularly enjoyed seeing how much fun the children had during science week. Some of the entries for the science week competition have been masterpieces and it is clear that a huge amount of effort as well went into them. I am hoping to get permission to post some of the videos on our website so that everyone can get to see them. So many good entries came in during the final days that we have postponed the announcement of the winners until after Easter because Miss Mee needs to watch the videos and read the reports.


The eggs have hatched!

Reception were very excited to watch 4 of our chicks being born on  Day 21.  RSC and RJM named the two girl and  two boy chicks as follows: 

We have enjoyed holding them and taking care of them.  They will go back to the farm on Thursday afternoon and we will miss them so.

by Miss Moisander

Purple People Kitchen Non-Uniform Day

The response to the non-uniform day was astonishing! The person who came to collected the donations could not believe how generous you all were. I am sorry it was done at such short notice. It only occurred to me that we should do the collection on Monday so our only option was Wednesday because today, years 1 & 2 have their Victorian day and year 3 & 4 are at the London Museum!

School Council & Action Teams News

The school council have been very busy this term, coordinating action teams and consulting the rest of the school about what improvements they would like to see. They held an ‘Open Surgery’ on the bus where anyone from the school could come to raise a problem or give a suggestion. At the next school council meeting the main issue was the toilets - everyone wants them to be brightened up - and the most suggested idea was to set up a healthy tuck shop on the bus. Both will be acted on next term.

There are 5 actions teams. The ‘Healthy Snack Troop are working on healthy eating options for break and after school. Travel Ambassador team who are looking at parking and encouraging cycling, scootering and walking. The Quiet Reflection Area team set up the reflection area and keep it running smoothly. The Girls’ Sport Action Team are coming up with ways to ensure that girls have the same opportunities as boys to take part in sports activities at lunchtime and after school. Finally, the Charity Action Team have taken over the role of considering all the various charity events that we could support and deciding or consulting on which ones we will do. They will also plan how we raise the money.


Thank you for your understanding and patience during the period that we have been moving across to the eSchools communications system. Some aspects, such as booking parents evening appointments, have worked really well - ALMOST without a hitch. We know that some of the messages that we have sent haven’t reached everyone but we are working to plug the gaps. I’ll be sending out more information about eSchools after Easter.

If possible, could you check your contact details on the eSchools system over the Easter Holidays? Click on the little cog in the top right hand corner then select ‘your contact information’. We especially need a current e-mail address.


As usual at the start of a new term we will be sending out a new signing up sheet for clubs. There are no school run clubs during the first two weeks but the external providers start sooner. Always check the front page of the school website where the calendar lists all of the clubs running each day.

PTA Quiz Night

Message from the PTA: We are holding an adult quiz night on 22nd April from 7.30pm for 8pm start, price £4 per person maximum of 8 per table.

Secondary School Consultation

Brighton & Hove Council are currently consulting on proposals to change the secondary school catchment areas. The changes will affect those of you with children in year 4 or below. The public meeting most local to St Nics is at Mile Oak Primary School on Thursday 21st April from 7pm - 9pm. There is more information, including links to the council pages and the dates of the other public meetings, on the news pages of our website. 

Happy Easter!

As we break up for the Easter Holiday we hope you all have a happy time together with your children. On Easter day, when the children open an Easter Egg, ask them what they can remember of the City Mission assembly were they used half an Easter Egg to help tell the story of Jesus’ life - manger, carpenter’s table, boat in the storm, closed tomb, open tomb. Of course, that requires them to eat half of the egg first. Hope that’s OK!

First Day Back: Monday 11th April. See you all then!