Curriculum. Learning to Live... together.

We are committed to achieving a rounded and balanced academic, creative and sporting curriculum. 

We know the importance of children finding their learning rewarding and motivating. We therefore offer a relevant and interesting curriculum which provides meaningful contexts within which to learn and refine new skills. 

This is achieved through a topic based approach to learning where the basic skills of reading, writing and maths are often taught discretely but with the purpose of achieving something of value when applying them in the topic. We keep things varied to ensure learning is always fresh.

In addition to the core subjects taught at all schools, our exciting and challenging curriculum includes  languages - mainly Spanish lower down the school but with French in year 6 in preparation for their trip to France. There are frequent opportunities for music, drama and competitive sport for all children within the curriculum.  

We use established and proven teaching strategies such as 'Talk for Writing’, Working with Others, Assessment for Learning, use of graphic organisers and Blooms Taxonomy which promote thinking skills and cooperative learning and which enrich the statutory curriculum.

Our aim is a low stress, high challenge curriculum which gives the children the best possible opportunity to do well.