Coronavirus – Advice for Families

10th February 2020

Wednesday 12th Feb - Update

Coronavirus - No change in advice!

Dear St Nics Families,

I promised to update you with any new guidance.

All schools have been receiving daily updates from the council which have been helpful but the actual advice has remained consistent and is what I passed on to you earlier in the week, so no change in guidance.

However, I have particularly been feeling my responsibilities to you all this week so I have been trying to find out as much as I can and thought these few things were worth sharing. They are from press reports, and therefore not official:

The pupil who was 'self-isolated' from PACA has been tested and is negative for the virus.

As of 2pm on Tuesday 11th February, 1,358 individuals in the UK had been tested for coronavirus with 1,350 confirmed negative and eight positive.

Every one of the cases identified in the UK so far contracted the virus abroad. (A ninth case was confirmed this evening, also contracted outside the UK).

I am certain that lots of you have been, and may remain, concerned. I am also certain that most of you will have wondered whether you should consider keeping your children at home just to be certain. So far all of you have followed the advice and sent your children in to school, for which I am grateful.

Although the details behind the headlines appear positive we won't be in any way complaisant. We will continue to remind the children to 'catch, bin, kill' and wash hands regularly. I will also inform you immediately if any of the advice changes.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Richbell

Coronavirus – Advice for Families (Monday 10th Feb)

Dear St Nics Families,

All schools in the country have been sent advice from the Department for Education about coronavirus. Additionally, Brighton and Hove Council are updating schools about the local situation.

The short version is not to be overly worried. The long version is below.

We are going to remind the children every day about the sorts of precautions they should be taking to avoid spreading other germs such as coughs and colds using the 'catch it, bin it, kill it' poster which helps the children see the importance of catching a cough or sneeze in a tissue, throwing the tissue straight in the bin and washing your hands afterwards.

Everyone is already supposed to wash their hands before eating lunch but we will remind them as, in their haste to eat lunch, they don't always remember!

As and when the guidance changes, we will text message ande-mail you and point you to the school website for further information.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Richbell

The Latest Advice from the Government
The Government has set up a web page giving the most up to date information.

All schools have been sent the following:

Coronavirus – Advice for all early years providers, schools and further education providers

The government is closely monitoring the spread of the Coronavirus and is taking action at home and abroad.

The overall risk of Coronavirus to the UK remains moderate. However we understand that people may be concerned where there are children, students or staff returning from or visiting China.

Public Health England and the Foreign Office have issued advice for anyone travelling to the area. This can be found at:



Latest information and advice can also be found at:


Please share this advice with your staff and cascade as appropriate.

Advice for parents/guardians

You should not be unduly worried about the possibility of your children catching the Coronavirus.

There is no reason why your children should not continue to attend their early years, school or further education setting as normal.

We recognise that some families or children may be planning to travel to China during the forthcoming half term period. If so, please refer to the FCO’s latest travel advice via the link above. 

Latest update from Brighton & Hove Council (7pm Monday 10th Feb)

It has been confirmed by the Chief Medical Officer for England that four further patients have tested positive for novel coronavirus, bringing the total number of cases in the UK to eight. 

This means that five out of the eight current confirmed cases in the UK were reported in Brighton & Hove. All the Brighton & Hove cases are adults. The new cases are known contacts of a previously confirmed UK case. The virus was passed on in France.

A number of people have been contacted by Public Health England and told to self-isolate. I understand that it may be concerning to your teaching staff, parents and pupils but this is a precaution, to help reduce the risk of the virus spreading.

More information and advice

Public Health England continue to lead on control measures and they will be contacting people who may be affected using their established systems for similar situations.  If someone has not been contacted by PHE as a close contact, they do not need to take any action.

Public Health England and the office of the Chief Medical Officer are clear in their advice that schools do not need to close. Headteachers with any concerns are advised to speak with Public Health England if you have any specific worries.