Brighton Match

9th October 2015

Last weekend Mr Hayter was able to take two of the children from the football team to the match along with his own boys, who have their own season tickets. This was made possible by Mrs Copping in the office who applied for free tickets. We then drew lots and Harley and Tarek won. I spoke to them both (and Ben) about their experience.

It was exciting. We were lucky because it was the 25th anniversary of the Albion in the Community’ charity so we got to try out wheelchair basketball. We saw some of the coaches who visited our school last year. During the match there wasn’t much cheering and we drew 1:1 but we scored a good goal and played well. One of the old players - Bobby Zamora - came on.

Tarek supports Real Madrid, but used to live in Barcelona (I wondered whether that was why he had to move to the UK!). He had never been to the stadium before and said it was amazing and that the pitch was perfect. He said that the best part of the day was when Brighton Scored. He also said that he now supports Brighton & Hove Albion (as well as Real Madrid).