Black History Month

9th October 2015

This month is Black history month and to mark this event our Monday assembly focused on the part played by black people in bringing slavery to an end and the fact that thousands of black and Asian people fought in both world wars. I shared the incredible story of Walter Tull who, despite the many barriers put in his way, became a professional footballer and an officer in the British Army. Sadly, he died in battle in 1918.

The children will have the opportunity to learn a little more about black history in class but it would also be great if they could do some research at home. They could draw/paint a portrait, write a short biography, write a newspaper report or produce a timeline. If they bring them to Mr Smith’s office, I can create a display to share the children’s work with the school. There are many resources available on the internet if you search for Black History Month 2015.

(by Mr Smith)