A school for the community... a school for everyone

We pride ourselves on being a school for the whole community of Portslade. The origin of Church Schools was to provide education for local people, and it continues to be the mission of the Church of England to provide a quality education for all, not just church going families.

Our admissions policy includes a commitment to existing families, our immediate neighbourhood and families seeking a school which includes a spiritual focus as a core part of their child’s education. Although our admissions criteria includes priority for those attending church, nearly 90% of our families are admitted on other criteria and every family who applied from within Portslade, as well as some from further afield, was offered a place last September.

We welcome children of all abilities and are committed to providing the very best for children with learning difficulties, physical difficulties, behavioural difficulties and those who have particular talents and abilities. Whatever their starting points we are here to nurture them. 

There are children with different languages, faiths, ethnic backgrounds and family makeups at St Nicolas. We enjoy celebrating our differences.

Our ‘can do’ attitude will result in success and progress for all, no matter what their background and starting point.